We've spent countless hours (years even) serving coffee - and we're still not sick of it!

If you're looking to put together an event or gathering of sorts, we have a few options for you:


You've set the venue, decor, music, activities, etc. but you still need coffee... We got you:

            Basic                         The simplest arrangement - we put together some nice coffees and set you up with a self-service coffee station.

            Adv.                           We setup our coffee station and serve up a simple menu of espresso-based beverages.

            Complex                   Full-service coffee bar, complete with hot/cold beverages and some special drinks.


Coffee talks - with us. Together or separate. Make coffee, or just geek out over stuff:

           Intro                            Terms, general concepts, common questions.

           Adv.                            Extraction + Balance. 

           Electives                     Pour overs , espresso, etc.

           R & D                         Making it up as we go.